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Northburn Industrial Services Ltd

At Northburn Industrial Services Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of waste management and recycling services predominately handling waste oils and associated wastes. Whatever the nature of your business, regardless of Industry type, size or location, we can help.

Waste oil can be a valuable resource. By dealing with waste oil in a manner best suited to protecting the environment we can help you save your business money and prevent unnecessary use of the planets resources.

NIS Ltd is a licensed carrier, collector and processor of waste oils and associated wastes and complies with all current legislative requirements. We offer a full range of services including automotive waste handling, marine waste removal, waste oil collections, tank cleaning, vacuum tanker hire, chemical handling, oil re-refining and much more.

We also provide a disposal service for drums and other containers and we can provide temporary bulk storage / tankers at our Coatbridge and Aberdeen waste management facilities if required. Please feel free to browse our site and contact us at any time about our waste management services.

Northburn Builds Scotlands Only Oil Re-refining Plant

Northburn have just been issued a PPC permit for their Coatbridge waste oil treatment plant to recycle / re-refine waste oils. The plant itself is currently being upgraded to recycle waste oils using BAT (Best Available Techniques) which to our knowledge will make us the only waste oil plant in the UK to use condenser systems for the thermal treatment of waste oils keeping any emissions from waste oil treatment to a minimum.

Similarly, abatement systems comprising of carbon filters are being fitted to storage vessels for waste oil to abate any potential emissions. The plant will emit no emissions from waste oil treatment to the atmosphere which can only be good for the environment, not only will we be able to totally recycle waste oils but have minimised the environmental impact of doing it.


Special Waste Regulations (Hazardous Waste)

Any waste with hazardous properties making it harmful to humans or the environment is classified as Hazardous waste. Identifying hazardous waste is a difficult subject. SEPA provide a guidance document on this matter: Hazardous Waste: Interpretation fo the definition and classification of hazardous waste.

Procedures for disposing, carrying and receiving special waste are contained in the Special Waste Regulations 1996. These regulations are the principal piece of legislation covering special waste in Scotland.

Why Us?

It is the aim of the staff at Northburn Industrial Services to provide a personal respoinse to each individual customer enquiry.

Northburn do not subscribe to the "Call Centre Culture" believing out customers prefer an informed and immediate reply to their problem.

Northburn's continued growth and success has been built on "Customer Service", a principal we will continue to adopt in future

Affiliated Companies

Northburn Industrial Services is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group consits of four companies based at strategic sites through out the UK:

Rapier Energy LTD
10000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing facility based in Teesside, England.

Nortburn Industrial Services LTD
25000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing and re-refining facilites with sites in Coatbridge and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cumbrian Storage LTD
32000M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle specila waste and oils. Based in Cumbria, England

Jarron Energy
Trader in oils and bulk liquid comodities handling recycled oils and specialist in Bi-Products. Based in Merseyside, England

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