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Why do we need Oil Re-Refining

Northburn Industrial Services has a through put of more than 25,000 tonnes of waste oil per annum. The majority of this waste oil comes from post use lubricants like automotive waste and unused or contaminated fuels (not including petrol) and other waste or recovered hydrocarbons from things like sump oils and drilling mud carrier fluid. All of the waste oil is collected by Northburn's Waste Oil Collection fleet.

This waste oil is collected throughout Scotland and brought to our treatment facilities where it is dewatered and cleaned to a specification. After this it is fit for purpose as low grade fuel (Reclaimed Fuel Oil or RFO). The Coatbridge site handles more than 80% of Scotland’s waste oil, however, this low grade fuel oil or RFO can no longer be used in Scotland as a fuel due to waste oil being classified as a special waste in 1996 and with the implementation of the Waste Incineration Directive in 2005 (WID).

From 1960 to 2005 this low grade RFO was burned in the likes of quarry coating plants across the UK and from 1990 to 2005 power stations were also allowed to burn this oil as a fuel. To use this Reclaimed Fuel Oil type fuel in the UK it has to meet very stringent specification like the new PFO (Processed Fuel Oil) Protocol, this specification is very difficult to obtain using conventional waste oil cleaning techniques.

Since 2005 the Waste Incineration Directive stops quarries and power stations burning the recovered waste oil. As such, there are no market outlets currently in Scotland. This means all the recovered fuel must be sent to other countries like England where there is only one waste oil re-refinery or Germany where they have been well ahead of the UK in oil re-refining for at least the past 50 years.

Northburn Industrial Services has a unique solution to this problem. A Vacuum Distillation refining plant has been built in Coatbridge which is now starting to recover fuel and lubricant from waste oil. This state of the art plant optimises the use of the UK's waste oil providing a greener world for future generations

Oil Re-Refining By Vacuum Distillation Unit

Due to new legislation like the new PFO protocol (end of waste criteria for the production and use of Processed Fuel Oil from waste lubricating oils) it is becoming increasingly apparent that re-refining waste oils rather than fine cleaning of them is the only way to consistently make a PFO. In fact we believe at Northburn that our VDU Re-Refining capability (Vacuum Distillation Unit) will make products beyond the requirements of the PFO Protocol specification for distillate and residual fuels.

Our VDU re-refining plant in simple terms works by boiling oils at temperatures under vacuum (being under vacuum it is easier to reach and maintain temperatures required making the process economical and environmentally friendly) and condensing them again, the process removes any contaminants that would have deemed the oils waste in the first place in line with hazardous waste regulations. Any residues from this process can be similar to a Heavy Fuel Oil. Using our waste acceptance and pre-waste acceptance procedures via our on- site laboratory we are able to ensure that the best types of oils and fuels are selected for the re-refining process to ensure the least emissions. The VDU along with our treatments tanks emit no harmful emissions to air making it environmentally friendly.

Using our waste acceptance and pre-waste acceptance procedures via our on- site laboratory we are able to ensure that the best types of oils and fuels are selected for the re-refining process to ensure the least emissions.


NIS Coatbridge's Laboratory

Northburn’s Coatbridge Laboratory has the latest specialised equipment including Distillation Apparatus, Gas Chromatography and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry to analyse waste oils before and after treatment.

Why Us?

It is the aim of the staff at Northburn Industrial Services to provide a personal response to each individual customer enquiry.

Northburn do not subscribe to the "Call Centre Culture" believing out customers prefer an informed and immediate reply to their problem.

Northburn's continued growth and success has been built on "Customer Service", a principal we will continue to adopt in future

Affiliated Companies

Northburn Industrial Services is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group consits of four companies based at strategic sites through out the UK:

Rapier Energy LTD
10000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing facility based in Teesside, England.

Nortburn Industrial Services LTD
25000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing and re-refining facilites with sites in Coatbridge and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cumbrian Storage LTD
32000M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle specila waste and oils. Based in Cumbria, England

Jarron Energy
Trader in oils and bulk liquid comodities handling recycled oils and specialist in Bi-Products. Based in Merseyside, England

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